We believe you are uniquely gifted and called to make an eternal impact.

The next cycle of Accelerate, our Leadership Development Program, is kicking off on March 2, 2019.  It is a Thursday night program for the first ten months followed by a two month ministry practicum.

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Info About Accelerate

All of the classes are taught by Gold Creek Executive Staff and other Staff members!  This program is specifically designed for adults and those in the workforce, combining pastoral mentorship, peer reflection, and real-life application of all of the materials.  It is a ton of fun and you’ll learn a lot.  Classes cover topics from your personal spiritual life, to specific leadership styles and applications, and growth in Biblical knowledge and understanding.


“I grew personally so much, not just in leadership and my walk with God, but a situation happened the other day that I normally would have been dramatic about or played the blame game or gossiped and I found myself saying ‘it’s ok, we’ll figure it out, it’s no big deal.’”  – Mariah Klar, 2017 graduate

“For me the biggest joy I got out of this class was one, the material was great and I loved a lot of the good books, but what I really was impressed with was getting to know the staff… the passion and the knowledge that showed when Pastor Brian taught, and Kyler, and everybody it was just – wow!” – Harley Pawley, 2017 graduate

“I feel more confident having conversations with parents, and even the staff at the church and my coworkers… I feel like I’ve been able to confront things with my family and in my personal life that I wasn’t able to before and I’ve broken through that barrier and it’s changed my life dramatically.” – Crista Jardine, 2017 graduate

2019 tuition: $2200

Tuition includes: weekly classes instructed by GC staff members, personalized curriculum, intensive personality assessments and tools, one overnight retreat, two workshops, multiple group outings, and class resources.

Classes include take-home work utilizing Kindle/Audible apps, Google Classroom, Google Docs/Microsoft Word, and online research tools.  You will need a laptop or similar device for this program.

The Experience

Each week, our Accelerate Program groups will come together for a Thursday evening class from 6:30-9:30PM. Unlike traditional styles of teaching, each Accelerate class is designed to connect with eight different learning styles and group interaction in order for you to get the most out of the material.  As a student in Accelerate, you will be assigned to a group and will journey together through the 12 months with your group, led by a Gold Creek Leader.  We strive to bring variety, diversity and balance to the groups.

The teaching portions of class will be broken up with group activities, discussions, and immediate application of the material with your group.

The Accelerate Program is a unique opportunity to build connections with our executive leadership team at Gold Creek.  If you’re currently serving or leading in a ministry role, hungry to grow, and sense that God is preparing you for your next step, take a few minutes to fill out our application!

Core Curriculum

Soul Health and Self-Leadership

This course will walk you through the foundational principles of self-leadership including emotional wholeness, personal integrity, spiritual disciplines, and time management as we build upon the inner self in order to best lead others.

Communication and Conflict

Everyone communicates – learn your default communication strengths and weaknesses, strategies to communicate well, and how to deal with conflict.

Life of Christ

This course is a survey of the life of Christ, highlighting key events in His life and what they mean to us as followers of Jesus. This helps us understand who He was, who He is, and why He came for us.

Stages and Styles of Leadership

An important part of leadership is knowing who you are and where you are in your own journey so that you can lead and serve others well.

Interpreting Scripture and Biblical Beliefs

Analyzing and studying Scripture from all angles insures appropriate interpretation and is useful for your personal relationship with Christ, sharing your faith with others, and for preparing devotionals or sermons on different topics.

The Story of the Church

The church’s past, present, and future come alive by treating it as a series of spiritual movements orchestrated by an extraordinary God using ordinary people.

Overview of Ephesians

This course will enrich your appreciation for this theologically rich book and strengthen your study and communication skills as you learn the themes in Ephesians and study individual concepts.

Team Building

In this class you will identify and correct common dysfunctions of a team and learn healthy and productive steps to build great teams.

Preaching and Teaching

Effective leaders know how to communicate well.  Pastor Dan and the Campus Pastors will teach multiple ways of developing a message and give direct feedback to each student.

Organizational Leadership

This class is designed to connect other leadership principles from the entire year and challenge you with structures, planning, and entrepreneurial leadership.

Ministry Practicum

The Ministry Practicum is the culmination of Accelerate and is designed for you to incorporate your learning from the core curriculum and apply your learning in a practical manner. The Ministry Practicum is a “win:win,” that is, it should grow you in your personal leadership journey as well as meet a need for biblical leadership within Gold Creek or the community we serve.


Family Health Workshop

For every ministry leader, there are seasons and rhythms that affect both the ministry and the home life. This workshop provides leaders with tools to understand and prepare for those seasons and to intentionally develop plans for balance and purposeful “unbalance.” Interaction with Gold Creek leaders makes this workshop practical and fun.

Practical Ministry Skills 

An effective ministry leader must have specific skill sets, which should be skills identified and practiced. This workshop identifies some of the most important of those skills, e.g., shepherding and congregational care, praying with others, hospital visitation, and other life- event situations.

Is This For Me?

Are you actively serving and leading in the church?
Are you hungry to break through a plateau?
Is God preparing you for a next step?
Do you sense a calling to grow in your spiritual influence within the influence or platform God has given you?

Yes? We designed Accelerate with you in mind. We want to pour into you and help you discover how God has uniquely gifted you. This program is going to stretch you personally, challenge you spiritually, and equip you more fully for leadership not only within the church and ministry but also professionally and within your community and family. We’d love to connect with you and help you navigate if Accelerate may be your next step!


Q: Can I have a full-time job and still attend the Accelerate Program?

A: Yes, most of the participants in Accelerate have full-time jobs. The program was specifically designed for working professionals with all classes are held in the evening.

Q: What is the time commitment of the program?

A: The total weekly time commitment, including the evening class, will be 10-12 hours. Our Accelerate classes are held weekly on Thursday evenings, 6:30 – 9:30pm at the Mill Creek Campus. Additional weekly commitment includes 2-3 hours per week of homework as well as 2-4 hours of active service within a ministry of the church. Accelerate will also include two Saturday workshops and one overnight retreat.

Q: Do I have to be called in to full-time ministry to participate in Accelerate?

A: No! Accelerate is designed for believers who are actively serving and leading in the church, and sense a calling to grow in their spiritual impact by using biblical leadership principles within their sphere of influence. This is not about working in a church – it’s about serving in the Kingdom.

Q: How do I know if I’m eligible to apply?

A: Our requirements are based off of Gold Creek’s Core Values:

Celebrate: You are a part of our regular services, celebrating your identity in Christ corporately and through a personal walk with Christ

Connect: You have been actively serving in a Gold Creek ministry for a minimum of six
months and are leading others in some capacity in your life

Contribute: In addition to serving in the church, you are living principles of financial
stewardship and generosity

Q: When does the next group begin?

A: A new group of Accelerate students will start every March, graduating 12 months later in the following February.  The kick-off day for 2018 is on Saturday February 24thwith classes beginning Thursday March 1st.

Q: How do I apply?

A: Click Here to begin your application

Accelerate Timeline

Feb 1 Applications due for 2019 Group

Feb 15 Interviews Complete

Feb 15 Group Placement Complete

Feb 15 Acceptance Packets Mailed

Feb 19 Deposit Due

March 2 Kick-off Day

March 7 First Class for 2018 Group

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