Child Sponsorships

Only $30/month to make an eternal difference

Gold Creek Community Church has a vision to come alongside our partner churches in Mexico and provide living essentials for the children living in Puerto Vallarta.

About the Program

We have started a child sponsorship program, La Bendición or “The Blessing,” that benefits the child in their current living situation as well as provide for Mentor Mothers. For $30 a month, you will provide needed living essentials to your sponsored child such as food, basic healthcare and hygiene items, school uniform, school supplies, emergency medical assistance, and most importantly, a way for your child to experience the love of God in their lives.

Your Impact

The Child

The sponsored child will receive much-needed necessities such as food, clothing and medicine as well as mentorship and education. The child is required to attend the supplemental school run through the church and by participating in the program, the child and their parent(s) or guardians agree to regularly attend church.

Mentor Moms

These ladies  are responsible for monthly visits to the child’s home to determine what the family needs. They will report the needs to Arroyo de Esperanza, which will purchase the items. The Mentor Mothers will deliver items to the family. By participating in the program they agree to regularly attend church and tithe.

The Church

Arroyo de Esperanza oversees the program on the Mexico side. We believe using the local church makes them best suited to address the needs of the children in their community.


How much does it cost per month?

$30 per month per child

Do I get to pick the child I sponsor or is it random?

You will get to choose which child you want to sponsor. Choose a child that’s been waiting a long time, or if you have children, let them pick the child.   Some people base their choice based on age or because the child has the same birthday as a family member.

Can I sponsor more than one child?

Of course! We hope to have every child sponsored!

How is payment collected?

 $30 will be auto-drafted from your account once you sign-up. We will not be processing funds via cash, check or money orders.

What is the long-term commitment?

While we don’t require a specific time commitment, we do encourage you to commit to sponsoring the child until they are 16, at which point they are no longer eligible for the program. Although, we do understand that circumstances sometimes change. You may discontinue your child sponsorship at any time.

What will happen to my sponsored child if I discontinue my support?

We will immediately work to find another sponsor so the child’s support is uninterrupted.

What do I do if I'm considering canceling my child sponsorship

Please email or call the Program Coordinator at or  425-923-5769.

Can I send my child snail mail or packages?

At this time, we are only able to send electronic mail. Letters, photos and coloring pages are scanned and emailed to our Mexico campus and then printed and delivered to the child. Letters from the child to the donor will be emailed to the Program Coordinator and then forwarded to the donor. This significantly cuts down on time between letters back and forth.

Can we visit our sponsor child?

Yes! We encourage you to visit your sponsor child and their family. We do ask you coordinate a visit through the Program Coordinator, Kasey Crawford. This will allow us to coordinate a meeting at the Mexico campus with the pastor, translator, and associated costs.