JANUARY 10, 2019


Our family loves the outdoors.  Whether it’s hiking in the mountains, water skiing on Hood Canal during the summer, or getting ready to hit the slopes for some skiing in the winter.  We love it all! One of the jobs...


JANUARY 4, 2019

Dan Kellog – Founding Pastor – Get Started on the New Year – 2019 Vision

I’m sitting on a CT90 that my Dad and I bought.  When we bought this bike it was in really tough shape.  I’m excited to work on this bike, and will be doing so on stage in the month of...


DECEMBER 27, 2018

Brian Dickison – Woodinville Campus Pastor – New Year’s Resolution

The Christmas season has come to an end, and now we’re in the time of New Year’s and making resolutions.  What’s interesting about resolutions, is 92% of resolutions fail. After thinking about that statistic, I thought to myself, “who cares...


DECEMBER 20, 2018

Dan Kellogg – Founding Pastor – Christmas: Part 2

It’s Christmas time, and Christmas is incredibly emotional for so many people.  During the holiday season, you often find there are two kinds of people: People who are very happy and those who are very unhappy.  When you look at...


DECEMBER 13, 2018

Dan Kellogg – Founding Pastor – Christmas: Part 1

It’s Christmas time, and for most people, this is a hectic time of year. You’re thinking about what kind of gifts to buy, have I bought gifts for everyone, how much is too much? How much do I give, how...


DECEMBER 6, 2018

Stacy Philpott – Global Family Pastor -Traditions

Today we are talking about traditions.  We are entering the holiday season, which often carries so many special traditions for families and kids: whether it’s a tradition you’ve carried through your childhood that you were raised with, or one you’ve...


NOVEMBER 29, 2018

Haylee and Kyler – Encounter Student Ministry Pastors – Events

Haylee: It’s fun to be at Gold Creek for a Sunday morning, or Tuesday evening service.  Or attending one of our special events, like Carnival, that we just had in October.  It’s fun to be a part of the large...


NOVEMBER 22, 2018

Mariah Klar – Lake Stevens Children’s Pastor – Black Friday

The biggest shopping day of the year is upon us.  That’s right, Black Friday is coming! I have friends that spend the weeks leading up to Black Friday preparing.  They look at all the ads, compare all the stores and...


NOVEMBER 15, 2018

Brian Dickison – Woodinville Campus Pastor – Hunting

 It’s November, and if you’re from the Pacific Northwest, you’re wearing flannel, sitting inside, watching the rain and leaves fall.  I love November because it’s hunting season. It’s also one of my favorite times to be outside because it...


NOVEMBER 8, 2018

James Culin – Lake Stevens Campus Pastor – Military

Today we’re talking about Veterans Day, and would like to celebrate all the men and women who are serving our country.  My Dad was in the Army, so growing up in a military family, I can resonate well with the...


NOVEMBER 1, 2018

Stacy Philpott – Global Family Pastor – Seasons Change

Today, we’re talking about changes.  Right now we’re in the midst of a season change.  The leaves are changing colors and we’ve just ended a beautiful summer and we’re into fall.  With every season, it seems like we embrace it’s...


OCTOBER 25, 2018

Mariah Klar – Lake Stevens Children’s Pastor – Pumpkin Spice

Tis’ the season for cold fall mornings and Pumpkin Spice lattes.  My husband loves Pumpkin Spice lattes and every time I get one, I think of him.   We had our youngest son in October and I remember at 4 o’clock...


OCTOBER 18, 2018

James Culin – Lake Stevens Campus Pastor – Sports

As I was reflecting on some of my Bible reading, I noticed that the Apostle Paul seems like a sports fan.  Now we don’t know for sure, and this is speculation, but reading through his writing and letters, he would...


OCTOBER 11, 2018

Founding Pastor Dan Kellogg – Routines

It’s fall and we’re in the season of routines, and I love routines!  School’s back in and we’re settling into our schedules and sometimes you find yourself in a routine that is just crazy and you desire this thing called,...

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