Gold Creek Internship

Gold Creek Internship

Gold Creek Internship

Our Gold Creek Internship is geared towards young adults who want to seek out ministry discipleship while earning their college degree. We are currently partnered with Canyon Creek Church in their church partnership program with Northwest University (also known as “SOML”).  Students spend time at Canyon Creek to complete classwork and to connect with a great group of people their age pursuing ministry, but also spend time in their practicum experience at Gold Creek learning the ropes of ministry hands-on with our staff members.  This program is two years long during the school year and during those two years we will prepare you for life in ministry, teach you how to understand and love the Bible, help you earn your associate’s degree through a Christian university, and grow your love for serving Christ.

Daily Bible teaching, mentoring by Pastors, placement in ministry, internships, staff interaction, inclusion and mentorship, practical life coaching, community with other SOML students, and practicum tracks that offer real experience while earning college credit!

The practicum element of this program takes place at Gold Creek and provides college credits for intern duties. Northwest University’s practicum credit requirements is 6-9 hours a week in practicum/internship related work, but you will be expected to put in more hours. We are flexible, we want you to succeed, and we want to avoid burnout, but we also expect a level of responsibility and servanthood to Christ in order to help you succeed. Depending which area of the church you choose to serve and grow in, your responsibilities will vary. However do expect both rewarding work that helps you grow in your ministry, and also humbling work such as sweeping, cleaning, and stacking chairs. Most importantly, expect to enter into a community with other young adults in the same stage of life as you are, and experience two of the biggest years you grow in and look back on as a building block in your life.

  • Childrens
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  • Worship 

The total cost of this program for the year is roughly $9,500. This is an extremely affordable price compared to typical west coast degrees which range between $32,000-$40,000 per year.

If you are interested in our internship please contact Shauna at!