Local Missions

Hope Creek Charitable Foundation

Through programs like the Mill Creek Community Food Bank, Backpacks of Hope and more, Hope Creek meets the physical needs of our local community.

Hope Creek is a sister organization of Gold Creek and it’s own 501c3, carrying out the vision for local missions within our community.

GC Missions

Mill Creek Community Food Bank

Hungry Does Not Mean Homeless

The Mill Creek Community Foodbank is unique in that there are no requirements, income thresholds, or zip code restrictions for receiving food. Anyone who is food insecure is welcome. You will experience kindness and respect here – we love everyone! We provide basic food staples, canned food, fresh produce, dairy products, meat, bread, and (when available) pet food, diapers and baby food, and toiletries. Open Thursdays 4:30 – 7 PM with Doordash delivery for existing customers taking place Monday – Wednesday each week.

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Backpacks of Hope

Hungry Kids Can’t Learn

The Backpacks of Hope program meets the needs of students in our local schools. Counselors and teachers hand-pick students who could benefit from this resource, which provides 7 meals each week per child. Care is given to ensuring that food is not expired, nutrition guidelines are met, and the weight in the backpack isn’t too much. Each bag feeds a child for the weekend so they can return to school the next week ready to learn.

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Options, support, and hope start here.

The goal of PRC is to provide factual, life-affirming information to those experiencing an unplanned pregnancy in a safe, confidential, nonjudgmental environment. Located in Everett, all services are offered at no cost to patients. Services include but are not limited to pregnancy confirmation through pregnancy testing and first-trimester ultrasounds, education for pregnancy, birthing, and parenting – including support for fathers, material assistance, STI testing and treatment, and post-abortive resources to those who have had an abortion in the past.


The number one need of PRC is prayer. Realize your prayers make a difference for someone who feels alone and out of options. We need the body of Christ to join us in this spiritual battle. Pray for our country, our state, our staff, our volunteers, our patients, and for lives to be saved. Your giving to Gold Creek also supports PRC.

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GC Missions - Philippines