Encounter Student Ministries

Our Purpose

The purpose of this ministry is to reach our community of young people and create a program that equips the next generation to become devoted followers of Christ. It has been said that youth are the future of the church, however, we believe that students are part of the church.

A Note from Pastor Kyler

I consider myself a “life-er” her at Gold Creek.  I started attending at Gold Creek when I was in Middle School and have been deeply invested since.  Gold Creek is my home, and I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.  I interned here at Gold Creek for 2 years, then spent a year working at Youth For Christ, City Life on Casino Rd in Everett before coming on full time at Gold Creek in 2013.  That very same year I married the love of my life (2013 was a good year) and we have been living in Mill Creek continuing to invest in the community.  We have a crazy dog named Russell who while shedding everywhere, brings us a lot of joy.  As a family we love a life full of adventure in the outdoors camping and fishing with our friends and very close family.  We also love spending time at the family beach house eating oysters and relaxing while playing board games that I loose most of the time.  Personally I also enjoy spending time hunting and boating the local rivers, as well as playing music with my friends.  I love investing in students and developing the next leaders so make sure your student comes and says hello in the Student Center on a Sunday, and if they like I would be happy to beat them at a game of ping-pong.  I am not kidding… I don’t loose at ping-pong.

A Note from Pastor Haylee

Message coming soon.

What does a Typical Sunday Look Like?

On Sunday mornings, Middle School students can check-in in the Student Center.  Kids then get a chance to hang out with their friends for a few minutes before all together experiencing worship.  Kids then get to spend time in what we call “Welcome Groups”, where kids rate their week on a scale of 1-10 and do a “would you rather questions”.  Typical questions are similar to, “would you rather see a chicken do the robot dance, or a robot do the chicken dance” or “would you rather be Batman or Superman”… That one might have damaged some friendships. We then play a game and listen to a Middle School specific message, followed by another song of worship and a discussion group (in the same groups kids are welcomed in) where kids are asked questions about the message.  At the end of service, Middle School Students get to either wait for their parents to pick them up, or walk down to the main lobby, however we do not release students until the adult service is dismissed.

Middle School Connect Groups

Our Middle School Connect Groups meet in the Student Center at our Mill Creek campus on Tuesday Nights from 6:30-8:00 during the school year, excluding during school breaks and major holidays. At Connect Groups kids get a chance to dive deeper in to the lessons taught on Sunday, and get a chance to develop a closer group of friends they get to “Do Life Together” with.  Typically on Tuesday nights, kids get a chance to hang out, play some Foosball or basketball, followed by snacks, a group game, then spending time in smaller groups (usually 8-12 kids) talking about their week and discussing questions from Sunday morning.

Service Details:

Encounter Sunday Nights is our weekly High School service. We meet from 7:00-8:30 PM in the Student Center and have a night filled with worship, laughter, amazing messages, and co-ed, grade specific Connect Groups at the end of service.

Connect Groups

During the week, Encounter High School meets all over the area for mid-week Connect Groups. These are single gender, grade-based groups that meet in homes, coffee shops, and around the church. This is an amazing way for a student to get connected with their peers on a deeper level and create community. Please email Pastor Haylee here haylee@goldcreek.org to get your student involved in a connect group.

Get In Touch

If you have any questions or would like to get connected with Pastor Haylee about attending or serving in Encounter High School, please email Pastor Haylee here haylee@goldcreek.org

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